With all the controversy about "too thin" models what is being lost is that some of the hottest models working today are anything but waiflike.  
If there is a hotter teen model on earth, I don't know who they are. The skies the limit for this girl.  
I looked at this link
GhettoBodhi: and I tell you, those girls look pretty skinny to me!!  
That's your idea of a full-bodied model?
crustacean: Yer eyeballs must be blueprints for anorexia.
you disappoint me
pookapooka: and in our world that turns into a poor vote.  
I was hoping for a physique similar to the zaftig Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls of Bollywood fame.  
but I still like you Mikey
maybe she's actually a plump girl
chaizzilla: and they just stretch her bones in photoshop
FoolProof: Heh. I thought this was a new post for a second. Should've known better. It has Pmike written all over it.