Muslim violence
Posted by scilec in gods 12 years ago
If it weren't so sickening, it would be farcical: A line in the pope's speech suggests that Islam has a dark history of violence, and offended Muslims vent their displeasure by howling for his death, firebombing churches, and attacking innocent Christians. One of the points Benedict made in his speech at the University of Regensburg was that religious faith untethered by reason can lead to savagery. The mobs denouncing him could hardly have done a better job of proving him right.
lagbnaft: Crap, I one voted without meaning to.
lagbnaft: I screwd up bump.
i have a bad feeling about this whole situation...
leyman:, and everything else internationally in this regard, just seems to be getting worse and worse....  
...will somebody on LF please find and post something uplifting and hopeful on this issue? i really need it right now...
scilec: np lag, and sure, leyman. :)
Depressingly true.
crustacean: " In every case, the pretext for the Muslim rage was the claim that Islam had been insulted. Freedom of speech was irrelevant: While the rioters and those inciting them routinely insult Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, they demand that no one be allowed to denigrate Islam or its prophet. It is a staggering double standard and too many in the West seem willing to go along with it. "