I remember being a little kid and looking forward to the day that some of these items would actually exist because by then I would be a grown up and I would be able to afford them. Well I’m all grown up. I can probably even afford them (in an interest-free-monthly-installment kind of way). So where are they?
the list of crap I been waiting for....
cherwilco: 1 the instantly hydrating pizza from back to the future 2  
2 USEFUL bionic implants for people who dont even need them (just want them and have TONS of cash)  
3 Flash or Hd based storage in my brain ala johnny mnemonic (I prolly misspelled that)  
4 I saw a movie once where this dude had a ray gun that zapped away peoples clothes (I want that gun)  
5 george jetsons job  
6 GOOD virtual reality  
7 driverless vehicles  
8 the 3 seashells  
9 clones for spare parts  
10 robotic sex slaves like in that movie cherry 2000 or "six" from tripping the rift  
11 genetic tailoring  
12 ludicrous speed  
13 teleporters  
14 superpowers via genetic evolution  
15 flying resturaunts that come to your window and feed you (like the old chinese dude in 5th element)  
16 forcefields  
aright thats good enough for now. waddyou guys got?  
scilec: I think I like your list better!
SpearmintFur: Since the link isn't working, I like your list too, though I wouldn't want to use the three seashells.  
Personally, my list (excluding some of the stuff you mentioned) is:  
1) Hoverbards  
2) Jetpacks  
3) A Cafe 80's
Fluffy: "I wouldn't want to use the three seashells."  
Are you nuts? Why in the name of all that is good and holy not?  
He11razor: Should have been invented? A Warp Drive? well... we fail I guess.
crustacean: 1) - Dehydrated lake for portable camp.  
2) - Biological "dinosaur tail" prostehtic.  
3) - Nanobot bartenders.  
4) - Pre-date guilt waivers.
bear: whatever the technology they should offer the following services  
able to fly  
sex with anyone at anytime  
be anywhere at any time  
change the weather
Horpy SpoonDigger: Don't forget a Holodeck or something equivolent.