Stars line-up for panto season
The pantomime season is underway and this year a crop of top stars will be treading the boards.  
Henry Winkler, the Fonz from Happy Days and Patrick Duffy, best known as Bobby Ewing in Dallas, looked surprisingly at home at the season launch of this peculiarly British institution.
Fonzie in panto
DodgyKnees the Cynic: Fonz: "Where's my career?"  
Audience: "It's behind you"  
F: "Oh no it isn't!"  
A: "Oh yes it is!"  
Repeat to fade...
badbunny: Ayyh
pq: and appearing this year in Bournemouth after a spell in the jungle on "I'm a Celebrity" is.....Cannon and Ball.....but they have double glazing ads to do!
darkstar: ...mince pies, crackers and panto!  
Time to give my British godson a call!
Funny coincidence.
FoolProof: I just got off the phone with a dood named Fonzie when I saw this.