Two new and baleful reports about "microwave radiation" revived the mast hysteria in the UK this week: one, an attempt by "3" to build a new phone tower and the other, a series of schools claiming ill effects from Wi-Fi.
fb-: I hope these simps also banned cordless phones, microwave ovens and the other litany of items that operate on the 2.4ghz spectrum.
FoolProof: Ugg suggest banning rock. Rock dangerous. Rock sharp. Hurt to step on. Ugg think stick need banned, too.
fb-: Sad part Ugg, rock & stick much more dangerous than 2.4ghz wireless network.
FoolProof: Huh?  
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Mast Debaters.... *chuckle*
GhettoBodhi: yeah if some dude had a rock and I had my router I'd be worried. Could I use the cat5 cable too? might be able to like tie it to the router and cause some harm...