Sunday, December 7th, 1941
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The Attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise aerial attack largely on Pearl Harbor, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, and the USA launched by the 1st Air Fleet of the Imperial Japanese Navy of the task force Carrier Striking Task Force [1] on the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941 (Hawaiʻi time). It was aimed at the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy and its defending Army Air Corps and Marine defensive squadrons as preemptive war intended to neutralize the American forces in the Pacific in an impending World War II. Pearl Harbor was actually only one of a number of military and naval installations which were attacked, including those on the other side of the island.  
Of 8 American battleships in the harbor, the attack resulted in 1 destroyed, 2 sunk at their moorings, 1 capsized, 1 beached and 3 damaged but afloat. With the exception of the Arizona (destroyed), all the others were refloated or righted and 6 (Nevada, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, California and Pennsylvania) were repaired and returned to service. While the Oklahoma, which had capsized, was righted, she was never repaired. Additionally, the attack severely damaged 9 other warships, destroyed 188 aircraft, killed 2,403 Americans, including 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians. However, the Pacific Fleet's three aircraft carriers were not in port and were left undamaged, as were the base's vital oil tank farms, Navy Yard and machine shops, submarine base, and power station, as well as the Headquarters Building (home to the intelligence unit HYPO). These provided the basis for the Pacific Fleet's campaign during the rest of the war.  
Pearl Harbor, 65 years later  
Pearl Harbor attack survivors gathering for the final reunion  
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The Real Story
lola_ice: "The Attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise aerial attack........"  
The iminent attack on Pearl Harbor was well known in advance. The attack was a well orchestrated plan by the White House and Roosevelt to drag the US into a war that no one wanted.  
One of the plotters was later quoted as saying that the "loss of 3,000 lives was a small price to pay for uniting the US populace behind the war"  
Shades of 9/11.
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