Jesus Should Have Been Aborted
Posted by fb- in gods 12 years ago
Christ should have been aborted. To begin with, Mary was raped by the Holy Spirit. There was no consent, just a mere warning by the Angel Gabriel. "Hey Mary, you've been chosen to get knocked up by God! Have fun! Got some shepherds to scare, so see ya! And he was gone. Sure enough, the Holy Spirit showed up while she was sleeping (so she couldn't protest) and impregnated her. This was rape and it was wrong. She was violated and had every right to choose to suffer less for what was done to her.  
One must also consider Mary's personal situation. She was an unwed mother of 14 living in a society where women who lost their virginity outside of marriage were stoned to death. Even the staunchest of pro-life activists will often concede that abortion should be allowed when the mother's life is at risk. In Mary's case, it most definitely was. Furthermore, barring the risk of stoning, she had no way to support the child. Women didn't earn money for their labors in those days. Joseph bailed her out of the dilemma, proving himself to be quite and exceptional male considering the times in which he lived. Most guys would be searching for the largest rock.  
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