[Video] 2006 Cannabis Cup Winners
Posted by fb- in vices 12 years ago
The Cannabis Cup is always held in Amsterdam the week of Thanksgiving. The 19th Annual Cannabis Cup will be held from November 19th – 23rd 2006. The Opening Ceremonies fall on Sunday, November 19th. The Expo and Bus Shuttles start the following day. The Awards Show is Thursday (Thanksgiving), Nov. 23rd.  
jtown: "Dude I got us tickets to the pot festival!"  
"Awesome! When is it?"  
"November 19th."  
"That's like a week from now."  
"Wow, man."  
"Wait. What's today."  
"I dunno. December 10th? 11th?"  
"But this thing's in November."  
"It's already over."  
"Oh, man. I can't believe I spaced on the date."  
"But that's cool. I got us tickets to the pot festival. Let's do that instead."  
great link!
harvester: I've just never rated the cannabis cup. It's often known as the scamabis cup due to the commercialism involved.  
Great link though... cheers buddy!