Why Do People Like Anime?
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Everyday, millions of people watch anime. They watch your Full Metal Alchemists, your Sailor Moons, and your Cowboy Bebops. While that is all well and good, some even go beyond that. A minute percent of the world's populace dwell in a world we call cosplay. Cosplay is, simply, dressing up as one's favorite anime/manga character. Despite the sickened looks of co-workers, spouses, friends, relatives, and random encounters on the street, these "cosplayers" go to extremes to show their love for Anime. Obviously, an act like cosplay requires as much devotion as it requires time and effort. What creates such as devotion? What is it that attracts so many people to anime?  
A question I've wondered many times..
fb-: I've always been baffled as to why so many people like anime. Every time I've seen it, it's just weirdly drawn Japanese cartoons involved in a bunch of odd fantasy shit... bascially, I just cant stand the stuff.  
It ruins my adult swim.. and I wonder who is watching it and why...
pdxpogo: People liked Milli Vanilli go figure. There is no accounting for taste.
clu: People liked Milli Vanilli go figure  
Technically speaking, nobody liked Milli Vanilli.
fb-: I'm going to have 'blame it on the rain' stuck in my head the rest of the day now : (
Girl, you know it's true.  
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/me isn't helping any.
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LinusMines: As a fan of animation in general, I view the genre as a huge watering hole. The classic works of Warner Bros. (a favorite) and Walt Disney, despite their differences, are equally sustained. Same with anime and Western animation.  
I'm comfortable with anime because I grew up with it and alongside it. I was around when the original Astro Boy hit the States. Back then, I perceived it -- in spite of its low-budget appearance compared to Hollywood animation -- as something unique (I felt the same way about the original Jonny Quest, which unlike other animation of its time, didn't shy away from depicting mortal danger). This isn't the voice of an elitist otaku, but of a kid getting an enormous kick out of cartoons that were nothing at all like anything I'd seen.  
I think the appeal of anime extends from its early willingness to touch upon serious themes, moreso than what Hollywood allowed itself to at the time. This probably affected Western animation the most since the advent of anime, and influenced much of what is now commonplace. Anime also distinguished itself with storytelling and plot development over the course of series. From Robotech to Cowboy Bebop, the memorable or successful offerings aren't just a string of isolated episodes occurring on a never-moving timeline. That said, not every anime ends up being digested easily. There are many anime series produced annually, targeted to multiple segments of the populace...not all of them are winners with either Japanese or Western audiences.  
Entertainment goes together with escapism, so the needs met by fans of both Western animation and anime aren't incompatible. In the end, it all comes down to what the individual sees as entertaining. It might be argued that there's a lot of non-anime ruining Adult Swim, but that's entirely subjective.
crustacean: " This isn't the voice of an elitist otaku... "  
Yet, you know what 'otaku' is.
LinusMines: Yeah, I know a lot of stuff I shouldn't.
fb-: It might be argued that there's a lot of non-anime ruining Adult Swim, but that's entirely subjective.  
Yeah.. 12oz mouse sucks.
FoolProof: ATHF RULES YOU!  
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Why I like anime
SpearmintFur: I'm not a huge anime fan. Trust me, going to the school with the largest anime club in the country, I know I'm not a huge anime fan.  
But here's why I like anime: the animation is good, the girls are hot, series have deep plot and storylines, and in general, it's superior to American cartoons in many ways. Case in point - when I was 16, I went to see "Spirited Away" with my mom. She was, of course, not that thrilled about it but after the movie she was like "Wow, it's a lot better than I expected." See, it's because anime tend to have far better storylines and plot than the average American cartoon. Check out Saturday morning cartoons nowadays and you'll notice that half of the cartoons are either anime or some American immitation of anime.  
There are also plenty of aspects that attract people who like it to it - stuff like how there are plenty of anime series involving an extremely hot girl like a dorky guy but the guy is far too dumb and/or naive to realize the girl likes him. There's also plenty of series involving robots fighting and who doesn't like robots fighting? There's also stuff like Sailor Moon that involves hot girls fighting evil and that sort of thing, and then there's cat  
Anyways, that kinda explains why I like anime. But I agree with you, the crap on Adult Swim sucks. They should take out like, some of the anime and replace it with stuff like "The Oblongs" and "Mission Hill." Or at least show stuff like Tenchi Muyo or something like that.
SpearmintFur: Oh, and there are the people who like it to be snobs. These are the people who whine about how they watch anime in the original Japanese and they look down on people who watch dubs. Or they're that jackass at the anime store down the road that got pissy at me because he thought I was going to drink his ramune around his pachino machine.