When the twenty-second amendment was ratified by the states in 1951, it eliminated the ability for the President to serve more than two terms. While this was certainly a good safety net to have around, it is obvious that the time has come to make a new amendment to the Constitution, repealing the effects of the 22nd amendment. It is a necessity that this is done as soon as possible in order to reelect President George W. Bush to a third term.  
No President in the history of our great nation has achieved as much success as President Bush. Under his leadership the country has seen safety in the homeland, only marred by a few minor terrorist attacks.
Hey, if it was revoked...
jumpoffdaplanet: Then Bill Clinton can run again, and beat the pants off Mr Coke-head Dry-Drunk Bush, and his puppet master Cheney.  
Go for it.
metreiya: Although Hillary might not like the idea
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metreiya: and see the intelligence of the idea made manifest
jasonbondshow: For a moment there, I thought it was serious! Thankfully it's not, because the last thing we need is Bush for another four years!
fb-: They're not serious.. but I'd wager that the 15-20% of the country that still supports Bush have been so brainwashed that they would honestly go for this.
crustacean: He's lean, he's tan, he's rested...  
Nixon in 2008.
crataegus: That's a common misconception. You don't tan in Hell.