Pink Floyd 1984
Posted by ILuvNUFC in entertainment 12 years ago
The great 1984 comic project is merged with music from Pink Floyd's album The Wall. 105MB MPG file.  
While surfing around the Internet Archive I also found a video called Goodbye Blue Sky which sets images of war (WWII, Vietnam, Cold War, Iraq) to Pink Floyd's Empty Spaces and Goodbye Blue Sky from The Wall. 47 MB QT file.  
I'm sorry for not posting much lately as I've had a difficult time with my illness of late and I've recently underwent surgery on my back to try and help some of the symptoms. So I should be around a bit more from now on.  
Did anyone even notice I was missing? :)
WillyNilly: ...who are you and what is wrong with your back?  
/me hopes you get better  
fabulon7: Don't listen to that guy.  
Several people noticed. There was a meeting about it.
darkstar: I've sent out the minutes for checking. If I can get them back before Monday, that will enable me to get the final draft out for full distribution to the committee members by the end of next week.  
Once we have them finalized, it allow us to prioritize action items and begin working on our budget for FY08.  
ILuvNUFC's absence will feature prominently in our budgeting priorities for the coming fiscal year, beginning with the upcoming FY07/Q3 resource shift toward user retention initiatives, as we discussed.
fabulon7: Sounds like a proactive plan to engage our key stakeholders.
darkstar: Werd.
ILuvNUFC: WillyNilly: I'm me and to put it lightly my back (and most other parts of me) are broked. :)  
fabulon7 and darkstar: LOL!
FoolProof: Next time, put it in a journal!  
Glad yer back! er... here.. again.