Around 106 years ago, someone slipped a copy of the world’s smallest complete Bible in a child’s boot and stuffed it into a cottage chimney cavity to ward off evil. Now British archaeologists have identified the book, which a renovator discovered while working on the cottage in central England's Ewerby.  
Interesting story.
lagbnaft: I didn't even notice that you could click the smaller version on pg 2 and be able to see this:  
Very cool!
SpearmintFur: I got a tiny Bible when I was about 7 or so, but it was abridged with only a few select verses.  
A complete tiny Bible? THAT is impressive.
lagbnaft: Indeed it is Champ. I can't help but to ponder the reasons behind printing such an object... was there a need to hide it?
darkstar: When I was in the South of France, I occasionaly visited a friend who owns a castle in the Cevennes. Not too far from his place is "Le Musée du Desert", the Museum of the Desert, dedicated to the Huguenot Protestants who were hunted by the Catholic dragonards as part of government persecution.  
In the museum are several copies of tiny, tiny Bibles, about two inches long, which women would hide in their hair. There was also a pulpit which could be folded up and concealed to look like a barrel. It was a tough time in French history and the main reason why France is so secular and much against government-sponsored religious fervor of any kind.
smith: I have my grandmother's minature bible. It's about an inch long and 3/4 of an inch wide. It is unabridged. However, it is printed, I suspect the above Bible is not.
FoolProof: My eyes ache just thinking about reading that.