Jott (public beta)
Posted by LinusMines in the wired 12 years ago a startup in Seattle, focused on using voice -- your own voice -- to simplify life. Very specifically, you can use any cell phone -- not just a smart phone or a Blackberry -- to make a simple, toll-free call, and we allow you to create messages in email, SMS, text, and To-Dos with your voice. We take your voice, and transcribe it into text automatically, and deliver it to where you want. Basically, it's hands-free productivity, unlocking messaging and saving To-Dos in scenarios where you don't want to be thumb-typing or don't have access to a keyboard. It's gigantic, because we work on any phone. It's free, and there are no downloads. One guy who reviewed it recently said it was obscenely simple... (source: interview with CEO John Pollard)
RE: yes!!
Mac: Jott cured my shingles and replaced the clutch in my car, too!
pneum0nic: when applied liberally, Jottâ„¢ soothes my hemorrhoids...
FoolProof: Geezus. You've been in there 'applying' for over two hours.
FoolProof: Jott silenced my noisy neighbors and consolidated all of my debts. Thank you, Jott!
I just signed up tonight
SpearmintFur: It's pretty neat. I'll either never use this or it'll change my life forever and I'll finally be able to become more organized.