In the 1980s, a language called BASIC swept the countryside. It was a language beginners could use to make their computer speak, play music. You could easily draw a big smiley face or a panda or whatever you like! But not just BASIC. Other languages like: LOGO and Pascal were right there on many computers.  
In this century, you may have dozens of programming languages lurking on your machine. But how to use them?? A fundamental secret! Well, no more. We cannot stand for that. Hackety Hack will not stand to have you in the dark!!
AB: Ten for you.
While I'm no longer pursuing coding as a professional career
SpearmintFur: I hear Ruby is a very good language to do stuff. I recall some guy in a group project I did was pleading to using Ruby but couldn't since it wasn't OO. He said if we did do our project in Ruby, we could do it in about 5 lines of code instead of 500 lines of Java. Perhaps he was exaggerating but still amazing.
Ruby is good
nyrath: ...but Python ain't bad either. I find that I not only can crank out code quicker in Python than in C++ or Java, the code also tends to work the first time as well.  
Why Python?