Jango - Social Internet Radio
Posted by Mac in the wired 11 years ago
Jango is all about making online music easy, fun and social.  
Just type in an artist - and your first station starts playing right away. You'll get the music you want, along with similar favorites of Jango users who share your taste. Customizing your stations further is just as easy. Just add more artists and rate songs that you want to play more or less.  
You can also tune in to other people's stations - and they can tune in to yours! In your player, you'll see who's listening to the same music as you, who's listening to your stations, and what your friends are playing.
bear: is this better than pandora?
LinusMines: I haven't been using Pandora as much recently, but it seems easier in Jango to add particular artists to stations you create, and to find out what songs will be offered by them. The sharing-of-stations aspect is also more widespread throughout. I like most of what I hear and see.
better than pandora
johnny2000: because pandora isn't available for austria anymore and you have a bit more choice in your ratings of the played tracks  
Shreela: Jango put in an artist automatically when I clicked on a channel, and now I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to remove that artist. I chose the artist from the dropdown, but it's playing an entirely different artist now. Then I searched a different artist, and it automatically put in in my list.  
So I'm still trying to get rid of the first artist, find out the second search entered the second artist in my list twice, now it's playing Billy Joel when I choose Elton John from the dropdown LOL  
Definately still in Beta.
Shreela: I changed the name of each of the three stations, emptied them out and started over. I still haven't found if there's a way to delete a station once it puts it in your list, but at least I figured out how to make changes to it 8^)  
I am enjoying listening to selected artists instead of to a 'genre' like I did when I used Last.fm in the past.
FoolProof: I disliked that about last.fm, too.