Words you'd expect to hear from Barack Obama...but these came from John McCain.  
"the american people want them home"  
"the majority of congress wants them home"  
"the criteria should be to bring them home as rapidly and safely as possible"  
"it doesn't mean as soon as order is restored"  
"it doesn't mean until democracy is flourishing"  
"it doesnt' mean as soon as we have established a viable nation"  
"as soon as possible means as soon as we can get out without losing any american lives"  
Of course, he said all these words about military action before the Bush presidency. His feelings are somewhat different now...
North Dakota?
FoolProof: Canada?  
Would it be honest to say...
FoolProof: ...that our situation and our level of investment in Iraq is so substantially different from Somalia or Haiti that they are incomparable?  
I think it would.
glitch p-udding: i think that's reasonable to say. but i still think the video is relevant. his words seem to suggest that it is gov't's duty to obey the will of the people and to remove troops from harm despite unfinished business. was he being dishonest and partisan then or is he going against his own words now?  
mccain's a major military hawk, so i'm guessing he was full of shit then. either way, definitely NOT straight talk.
FoolProof: Logic would lead me to believe that in two clearly different situations, two clearly different courses of action may be required. This video takes the two separate sets of circumstances and, with them, makes a direct comparison. Is there a point that's begging to be made? Of course. Is this the best way to make said point? I don't think so. I think it's tricky and it's propaganda.  
Now, none of this is to say that I agree with the guy. I just think that if one is going to be honest about it you can avoid these messy comparisons and judge McCain's stance on Iraq on it's own instead of trying to paint the guy a flip-flopper based on two unlike situations. He's a stay-the-courseā„¢ guy and that's pretty clear. If you're going to make a decision about him, base it in fact - on his own declarations of policy - instead of some hastily assembled compilation of archived footage from the net made by some guy and based on his own political agenda.