A US campaigner has vowed to release a video which he says proves the existence of aliens.  
Jeff Peckman, who claims the film features a living extraterrestrial, will show the footage to the media on Friday.  
The 54-year-old is lobbying for a commission to be set up in Denver so the city can prepare for contact with alien life.  
Mr Peckman promised to show the film to officials when he appeared before them earlier this month.  
He told the Rocky Mountain News: "It shows an extraterrestrial's head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that's visible through an infrared camera."  
OK. Bring it on. show us your Alien Pics!
lekdawg25: I can't wait for the day we find out Bush is an alien
No, wait...he's not alive.  
No, no, wait...!