Witches flying Ointment is a herbal recipe producing psychedelic effects, and was first recorded in the Middle Ages. Although the practice is probably older still. The ointment consisted of belladonna or mandrake, poplar leaves and soot and to hold it all together fat or clove oil.
humandoing: Thanks, Channged.
LowFlyingMule: "anoint your temples and Third Eye with a small amount of the flying ointment."  
Third eye?
MrsBot: the middle of your forehead recognized as the 6th chakra.
LowFlyingMule: Tahnks for the clarification. I almost made a terrible mistake!  
MrsBot: Don't bother with that 3rd eye garbage - if you get any flying ointment made with belladonna just go ahead and do the anal suppository route. You'll get a much better high.  
(by the way, my coven makes flying ointment with belladonna but I'm pretty sure its illegal to ship... so if you're in OK I can hook you up with a jar.)
Why Bother...
hmarshall: .. with all the mixing and cooking stuff up for some 'shroom like high? Sit down with some 10x -20x salvia and see where you go.. and its legal.
MrsBot: Salvia is usually in flying ointment.