We won’t mention Internet Explorer here. Nor Opera or even Google’s Chrome browser (disclaimer: I may write this post for Chrome in a few months once they have extensions available). Today, we’re going to take a look at Firefox - the browser we all are should be using.  
In my endless pursuit of the ultimate productivity system, technology always seems to get in the way. Today I want to try and summarize some of the greatest productivity bits that the Firefox browser has to offer. You may be surprised that many of these don’t even require an extension!
clu: Step 1: Close Browser.  
Step 2: Now do your damn job!!
crataegus: ramen  
although, even if i'm not using ff for goofing off at work, i load some of my report pages in it. they work better in ff than in msie.
FoolProof: My company still uses IE6 and won't upgrade. FF works just fine for all but one or two tasks I have to do.
FF is a legend in it's own mind
pdxpogo: Doesn't compare to Opera as a browser. However FF is extensible and has many things worked out for its' users. IE 8 RC is the pits I actually got so pissed off at it I uninstalled it, Chrome is too damned hands off for me, I like kicking a tire or fiddling under the hood. Nope Opera floats my boat until something better comes along