Seems a defense contractor in Maryland wanted some music to work by. So rather than think about the ramifications of sharing their hard drive with the net, blueprints for Marine One the Presidential Helicopter, showed up at an IP address in Tehran.  
Of course Congress wants to study on this problem and figure out how to prevent stupidity. Good luck with that. I'm happy that there is a company making a living sniffing these file sharing networks, but then again I'm disappointed it was them that had to discover this breech and report it. I would like to think the NSA would have been on top of this and quietly cleaned up this idiot's act. More fun to read email and listen to phone calls than to identify IP addresses running file sharing protocols and match them against lists of computers owned by defense contractors. I mean how hard is that? (Not Very) Meanwhile if you have to run Limewire,e-Donkey, Shareaza, Overnet, Morpheus, Gnutella etc. be sure what you are sharing it may be more than music.
crataegus: The necessity of a work email reminding us all that file sharing software is forbidden suddenly becomes clear.