The Happiness of the People
Posted by pdxpogo in history 10 years ago
As defined by an elitist racist who liked it better when the betters ruled the lessers. If you want some apoplexy inducing pretty talk that sounds all intellectual and uplifting try these arguments on for size.  
This is the 2009 Irving Kristol Lecture. Irving Kristol of the famous quote "There is nothing wrong with this country that a good long depression cannot cure." For out of a depression the lower classes will come to realize their place and quit being so uppity. They should be thankful we let them clean our toilets.  
If you want a cooling off thread some ideas for rebuttal go over to the Mefi comments
aktaeon: Well. Now I'm mad as hell.
FoolProof: Why?
haven't expected something else
dorian: just when i saw the pic of mr. murray, glad there's another charles murray in the not so god fearin' 'social democratic' uk, who is one of my favorite music writers from the glory days of '68 and punk and for sure thinks just the opposite of this scumbag, who has no idea of economics - just tons of prejudices from the thinktanks of the extreme right.  
nevertheless good post - know your enemies ...