I know you would expect the New York Times to gloat, but it still is a nice read. A rundown of what has happened and what will happen in the "Culture War".  
Sunday Editorial  
OK I changed the link to web safe.  
If This requires a login for Firefox users maybe IE too  
I use Opera and it doesn't send referral information... so  
Username: Let-me-in  
Password: letmein  
You can turn off referral info on a link click in Firefox preferences:  
about config (in the address bar)  
double click on valuenetwork.http.sendRefererHeader set value to 0  
close page restart firefox and link should work.  
Seems the NYT requires registration randomly for referred links. Meh!  
It is worth registering a free account to the NYT takes a minute and the cookie persists a long time once registered you should rarely be asked again. Small price to pay for access to a flagship news source in our nation.
LinusMines: ...or use this.
pdxpogo: Have you used that link generator? It no longer appears to work. The author really should edit the page with a disclaimer. I believe the NYT is wise to the link generator.  
They have decided they do not want blogs driving eyes to their content at least not without randomly trying to capture some registrations. Meh