Do you want a fake store receipt printed on thermal paper? 100% authentic looking - see samples here  
We will design, print and deliver to your door a fake store receipt - from any store worldwide, for any goods or service, for any amount. These fake receipts have 100's of uses.  
The process is simple:  
You pay us a small fee- using your credit card  
Email us the answers to a short questionnaire about the false receipt you want designed and printed (see below)  
Within 24 hours, we will send you a draft scan by email of the fake store receipt.  
You give us feedback/changes you may require  
We print the fake register receipt with a real Point of Sale (POS) Thermal Printer and post 2 copies of the real receipt to your address.  
You use them for whatever purpose you choose, we don't ask questions  
Where there is demand in the market, count on someone to supply.
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