The Norwegian Nobel Committee said it honored Obama for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."  
The president had not been mentioned as among front-runners for the prize, and the roomful of reporters gasped when Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel committee, uttered Obama's name.
Darwish: What, is this Onion Day at CNN?
"Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize."
Tom Lehrer
Darwish: Shit, I had forgotten about that.
HENRRRRRRRRY! So glad ju cood estop by! Wouldju like to essee ower memorrry hole?
for serious???
pneum0nic: Talk about lowering your standards...
Hi Rush! 'Sup Beck?
FoolProof: What's he gonna do with the $1.4M? ACORN?  
I hope he gives it to the US Treasury to pay off his own little portion of the national debt.
two cents
downtown: i look at obama as more of a lobbyist/PR guy then a president. you know hes not calling the shots but he does his best to relate the average american, which practically buys his 'benefit of the doubt' and 'public tolerance.' its called "clean up and maintenance after a shitty president."  
i can go on about this guy. but its becoming as redundant as a lindsay lohan or britney spears discussion.  
i've always maintained that obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. and the more you feel compelled to like and agree with authority of any kind, you will find yourself misled or lacking concrete information.
Dyskolos: Gary Wills has something relevant to say about your observations...
But the momentum of accumulating powers in the executive is not easily reversed, checked, or even slowed. It was not created by the Bush administration. The whole history of America since World War II caused an inertial transfer of power toward the executive branch. The monopoly on use of nuclear weaponry, the cult of the commander in chief, the worldwide network of military bases to maintain nuclear alert and supremacy, the secret intelligence agencies, the entire national security state, the classification and clearance systems, the expansion of state secrets, the withholding of evidence and information, the permanent emergency that has melded World War II with the cold war and the cold war with the "war on terror"—all these make a vast and intricate structure that may not yield to effort at dismantling it. Sixty-eight straight years of war emergency powers (1941–2009) have made the abnormal normal, and constitutional diminishment the settled order."