The Haitian-born singer, Wyclef Jean, is expected to announce on Thursday that he will stand for election as president of Haiti.
The president of Haiti...
Dyskolos: often "implicated," but it usually isn't a good thing...  
Bébé Doc. Jean-Bertrand. I'm looking in your direction.
This could only be funnier...
crataegus: ...if he was running against Aristide.
spoon: M.C. 'the beat controller' Aristide
Up to the minute...
crataegus: The delinquent taxes hit the news prior to Wyclef Jean stating he would resign from Yele and stand for president of Haiti. So, it kinda looks like someone's attempt to hide the shadiness of their dealings in their own charity was almost completely successful. Most people haven't noticed the tax story, at least not yet.
Dyskolos: Darn! I never get the scoop!  
The Chief'll never promote me. I'll always be a cub reporter and photographer.  
I hope this Mr. Action gig works out for me. This Metropolis livin' is expensive, and I could really use the extra dough.
Haiti: Wyclef Jean to face Michel Martelly in Election
dorian: As one of Haiti's most famous musicians drives down the two-lane Delmas roadway in Port-au-Prince, sporadic calls in the street grow into a trembling chant in Haitian Creole: "Pwezidan, Pwezidan" - "President, President." But the young men shouting the words are not calling to Wyclef Jean, who just announced he was running for President of Haiti. They were greeting Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly, the bad boy of the Haitian musical genre kompa who just happens to want to be the country's President too.  
Better known for the eyebrow-raising lyrics (and swearing) and his ability to rouse even the most conservative of Haitian elites to dance on top of tables, Martelly, 49, dressed in a suit on Thursday to submit his paperwork to run for President on the ticket of his party Repons Peyizan, or Countrymen's Response. He acknowledges that comparisons will be made between himself and Jean (who according to the candidacy papers he filed this week is 40 years old, not 37 as his bios previously said). But Martelly says despite being opponents for the presidency, he and Jean are friends. Martelly appeared on Jean's first solo album The Carnival in 1997. But Martelly jokes, "He's global and I'm local." And he says what sets him apart from the rest of the presidential field - his friend included - is the Haitian people's true affinity for him. (See Wyclef Jean as he prepares to run for the Haitian presidency.)  
"You need to be loved by the people, cherished by them, trusted by them," Martelly says, shifting fluidly from Creole to English to French. "I'm not running to be President. I'm running to be the citizen who changes things. I want to be the inspirateur" - the inspirer.