“Why a geek site specifically for women?”  
Now, some...people aren’t putting any particular slant on these words, they’re just genuinely interested in what the nerdy female has to say that needs a whole website to contain it. But some of these people are concerned that the entire idea of a site just for girl geeks is counterproductive at best, and sexist pandering at worst.
The Mary Sue is here to say one thing, and one thing emphatically: skeptical geek women, we know where you are coming from.  
We know the point at which you would be satisfied is to just be able to geek out with all geeks, of any gender, without feeling like your femininity is front and center for scrutiny. To not feel like you have to work harder than guys to prove that you’re genuinely into geek culture. We want simple things, like to be able to visit a comic book store without feeling out of place. To be able to buy a video game without getting the sense that the cashier thinks we’re buying it for someone else.  
But mainly we just want to be able to pursue our hobbies with the other people who share them. We want to play with the boys...