To promote Namco-Bandai, the creators of the arcade classic, an Australian firm has created what it's calling the World's Biggest Pac-Man game.  
And it's letting users make it even bigger.  
Soap Creative, which designed the official Pac-Man website, rolled out the online game last week. Since then, players have gobbled up nearly 270 million dots and sacrificed the life of video-game history's hungriest golden orb more than 1.4 million times.  
Maybe more impressively? Fans have helped created more than 12,600 interlocking mazes. Players can play on multiple mazes in a single game. The exits that let you zoom to the other side of a maze in the original version of the game transport you to the next maze in this one...
Works in Firefox and Chrome, despite the Made for Internet Explorer 9 label. Facebook login needed to create custom mazes.