Simple Mint Pea Dip
Green peas are such a delight in their sweet, bright taste, and have a spring-crisp freshness that is welcomed by a winter-weary palette.  
Simple Mint Pea Dip is totally tasty and bursting spring-time freshness. The pea, mint and lemon is just such a reliable combo (which you may have noticed by now, as I've posted two recipes already with practically the same ingredients...what can I say? I'm consistent). The tahini is optional, but lends a very lovely creaminess to the spread, which otherwise may not be substantial enough for the hummus fans out there. If you like your dips on the lighter side, leave it out.  
This dip is also a chinch to make and is beautifully versatile. Serve it simply like I have on toasted rye bread, or make a complete sandwich by adding avocado, sprouts, and spring lettuce – green!