In February 2011 it showed trivial to create a database containing ALL ~35.000.000 Google Profiles without Google throttling, blocking, CAPTCHAing or otherwise make more difficult mass-downloading attempts. It took only 1 month to retrieve the data, convert it to SQL using spidermonkey and some custom Javascript code, and import it into a database. The database contains Twitter conversations (also stored in the OZ_initData variable) , person names, aliases/nicknames, multiple past educations (institute, study, start/end date), multiple past work experiences (employer, function, start/end date), links to Picasa photoalbums, .... -- and in ~15.000.000 cases, also the username and therefore address. In summary: 1 month + 1 connection = 1 database containing 35.000.000 Google Profiles.  
My activities are directed at inciting, or poking up, debate about privacy -- NOT to create DISTRUST but to achieve REALISTIC trust -- and the meaning of "informed consent". Which, when signing up for online services like Google Profile, amounts to checking a box.