Facing an unprecedented shake up in their industries and a dire need for evolution, cable and broadband companies are ringing in the new year the only way they know how: rampant tone deafness and major across the board price hikes starting in January. AT&T, Verizon, Dish, DirecTV, Comcast and Time Warner Cable are pummeling customers with $2 to $10 rate hikes for cable TV service in the new year. Not only are base channel bundles seeing a hike, but all providers are jacking up regional sports fees and so-called "Broadcast TV" fees.


I feel pummeled


We are so happy without cable.


Ditto. But I wish I could watch my Mets with a non-cable package. Until then it's grey-market streaming. Oh well.

I only miss cable

during football season. I had to go back to cable this year after two years of being a cord-cutter. We were using the cable as an antenna for regular TV but the cable company wised up and disabled it somehow; we pick up zero channels of regular tv. The mountains here really limit your ability to use an antenna, so it was cable or nothing. Sucks, but what are you gonna do.


This will end well. I use the *crap* out of the Chromcast for HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. I 'aquire by other means' anything else I want to watch, which isn't often, because TV is crap. News is free on teh tubes if you know where to get it (read: not in the U.S.).

I don't miss having cable or access to even local TV.

cut the cord

Cut the cord over a year ago. I don't miss it. Not even the tiniest bit.