The California High School Exit exam took millions to administer, sucked countless hours of class room instruction away from kids and is now, dead. The repercussions of this decision are huge, as now thousands of students will be granted a high school diploma who didn't have one before, but there are "silent" casualties to this decision as well.

This is important for any state that has or is considering a graduation test requirement.

An article detailing some of the problems with the exam here.

An Op-Ed that sums up my feelings here.

So I worked for this Education company...

...and it's my fervent opinion that the reason our national education system is so fucked is because it's run by everyone but teachers.

Book publishers, test creators, even lobbyists that tell the government what should be taught. And god forbid there's any sort of reliable oversight over educational standards, because the standards are written by politicians.

I hope that our educational system actually researches what works in other countries and overhauls our system here. Because if they think that we churn out poorly prepared kids, who's going to teach the next generation?