What to do with Linkfilter?

Posting this in links so the few folks who drop in will see it.

I'd like to do the following:
* Reset all the posts and everything to zero.
* Change to a private, invite-only community.
* Open it up so anyone here can invite folks.
* Add a few features and clean it up a bit more.

Is that something anyone would be interested in?
potatono: I think I figured out a way to shift the hosting costs to work.. I think I'll still do the rest so we can get some life on here.
kingskyprawn: You're the admin, do what's best.
kingskyprawn: A long time ago I think you gave me a backup of my presence/posts. Before you set LF to zero state, any chance of getting that again?
LinusMines: +1 to what KSP wrote. Not to place a burden where there isn't one, but I wouldn't mind having a dump of my ramblings for, uh, posterity. Apart from that, anything you do here will automatically stand out simply for not being FB. No fear of change here.
potatono: Yeah I'll definitely do a back up before any zeroing.
Darwish: another +1 from me.
amsterdamn: Don't delete anything. Revert to the original design. If you want a similar private community, start a new website. Give it to me if you don't want it. I'll make it come alive.
cornpone: I wish it to work out. I will try to participate. We are so sucked into our social media ways, change is hard in this case. I will go there one day and forget to return for two months at a time.
since you asked
blackvelvetjesus: Running a website is work. Running a website built on a database is work squared. Discord has most of the functions LF did, less the post index. Consider making a Discord server; we'll have the community and the tedious management elements will be someone else's problem.
blackvelvetjesus: The Discord app for android is sharp. Can't speak for the iOS version.
potatono: Sure I can absolutely set up a Discord..
blackvelvetjesus: I can nuke the one I made. You probably do not want to fix all the permissions I've screwed up.
blackvelvetjesus: Discord webhooks will work nicely with whatever you turn the LF website into. Plus, persistent chatter will be a blessing.
webhead: Could you please put back the RSS feed? Or maybe it's here, and I just didn't find it.