I'm less than five days away from the start of my retirement, and I feel I've been pretty lucky for most of my life, except for the times I made bad decisions. Let's hope I'm not actually playing a bit part in a bad action movie!
[quote]Retirony is a way to make the audience feel sorry for a character's death without having to actually give him more than ten minutes of screen time. Anybody in a dangerous job who's only a few days away from retirement or flying one last mission before going home to marry their childhood sweetheart is absolutely doomed to death by Retirony, whether that takes the form of a cold-blooded criminal, an ace German fighter pilot or a great big robotic monster.[/quote]
How is it going?
Darwish: How is it going?
owl: should be 7 or 8 days into retirement now, hope its going swimmingly...\