"Musick To Play In The Dark opener ‘Are You Shivering?’ is perhaps the most curious example, the ultimate sound of late-night gurns and imminent comedowns, somehow both asexual and hyper-sexual. It chronicles the tail end of an MDMA binge. A pair lay together simultaneously weary and wide awake, and experience the last tingles of the drug while the moon’s beams take on a tangible omnipresence. “In the oceans of the moon,” sings Balance, “swimming squidlike and squalid, this bright moon is a liquid, this dark earth is a solid,” a mantra for this new lunar sensuality.

During the pair’s extensive conversation with Penman, Balance spoke of how they “decided to go from the solar to the lunar aspect. We just decided to become completely open to whatever happens: make more reflective music. It seems a logical step… moon music.” Not content to simply allow in the moon’s influence, the idiosyncrasies of the West Country also seep into the group’s sound."