A sort of 'unified theory' of internet culture. You can read and write about anything and everything. A very fun and mindless activity to do when killing time. You might even learn something totally useless.
everything2 is cool
potatono: everything2 is truely a unique place on the internet. A quality site all around.
i love this site
glitch p-udding: so much good information on EVERYTHING. and if it isn't there, you add it.
Quality ensured by levels
parmentf: As in LinkFilters, there are levels for the users.  
Quality is the aim.  
Each user can vote for different writeups, given XP to writers... very addictive, in fact.  
With higher levels, you got more power (declaring a writeup as Cool, more votes, etc.).
really neat site...
jones: i just joined yesterday...and am still not too sure about how it all works...but it seems cool. and there's now a node on linkfilter.
cornpone: nice job filterjones!
Fluffy: for novelhead re: this journal, wherein he thinks about another place to put his novella online
Novelhead: Looks very promising. Thanks, Fluffy! :)