I'm tired of trying to dig through beag's journal every time I want to see this information, so I'm linking it. So there!

For those unfamiliar, this is an expansion of the Linkfilter FAQ for power users. It includes a number of URL tricks that allow you to perform some very sophisticated data mining of LF material. I use it a lot. Take a look!
and for those new people
ultrafastx: don't forget the LF Lexicon
cornpone: When you gonna update that there lexicon?
ultrafastx: when are you going to start paying me? =)

I'll do it soon. I've just been too busy/lazy to do it lately.

beaglebot: Revised 12/02/2003  
Beaglebot's Entirely Unofficial UnFaq Version 2.0  
All tricks checked and working as of Linkfilter version 2.9  
bear: good job beag
beaglebot: Made several small updates, added a new trick or two. Thought about actually doing it right and linking things. Gave up and had a snack
jones: this is linked in the official faq...which will go up when pigs fly, i've decided.  
FuzzyDave: What the hell is all this bacon doing in the trees??
astranger: That's the results of the less-than-successful "let's make pigs fly by strapping a rocket to their backs" experiment.  
Either that or overflow links from lorddimwit.
bear: add something about not linking to yahoo stories all of them die after a month or so
astranger: Almost all Yahoo content is available elsewhere -- use news.google.com to find mirrors of stories you want to post.
bear: right we just need to add that to the faq
beaglebot: Perhaps someone *cough*bear*cough* could take it upon themselves to make up a document with things like that. It's really not under what I try to cover with the unfaq which is more geared towards data mining
bear: people tend to fight me on the way I like to do things, I'm very apathetic about it all. My way of doing things seems strange to many.
deathburger: bump