This is a 'word's-eye view' of the stellar and storied career of Chick Hearn, long-long-longtime Los Angeles Lakers announcer who passed away in August of 2002.  
It's a great place to learn more about the legend who occupied the 'Chick's Nest', as part of the 'Chicken Stew' broadcasting team, among others. There are links to other sites, a short bio section, and an extensive list of Chick-isms, including several with audio clips.  
You'll be 'wound up like a toy on Christmas morning' if you're a Chick Hearn fan; this site is 'like refried beans on the stove -- it's always hot'. Don't get caught 'combing your hair' -- check it out now.  
(And if you're unfamiliar with Hearn's sayings... well, not any more. You're soaking in them!)