The latest 'Men's Journal' brings us the '50 Best Guy Movies of All Time' (plus one to grow on).  
I'm a guy, and I've gotta admit -- most of my favorites are here: from Caddyshack and Fletch to The Dirty Dozen and The Untouchables.  
Other than the fact that I'd give Luc Besson a spot or two on the list, I've got no complaints. And now, I've got a dozen or so movies that I haven't seen to check out -- without my wife, of course. I already know she wouldn't like them. Thank you, Men's Journal!
50 Best Guy Movies Of All Time? An OK but not great list
maximus: I put up a much longer response here, but a quick overview:  
Lists such as this lend themselves to immediate criticism, and this one deservedly so: Stanley Kubrick's underwhelming Full Metal Jacket scores #11, while Clockwork Orange -- a true guy's movie if ever there was one -- is inexcusably nowhere to be found. Steve McQueen's classic car chase Bullitt shows up -- no argument there -- but then where is the modern spectacular Ronin -- with one of the very best car chases ever filmed? As long as we're noting DeNiro films, um, where's Taxi Driver?  
On the comedy side, the inexcusable omissions are Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Rob Reiner's hysterical mockumentary This is Spinal Tap.  
Several "questionable" inclusions: Stripes -- a pedestrian Bill Murray outing; and Office Space is amusing, but hardly a guy film. Same with Diner -- less a guy film than a film about guys. Where's the stoner classic Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, whose sophmoric humor definitely qualifies under the category "women must run screaming from the room." (Its also a very funny guy flick). Other, much funnier films -- "Trading Places" or the cruder, but hysterical, "Weekend at Bernies" -- would be much better choices than Diner or Office Space.  
While Kill Bill is rather prematurely included as #51, inexcusably missing is Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (Also omitted is the violent Desperado, which features a cameo by Tarantino, and more importantly, a topless Salma Hayek).  
What's the excuse for leaving out Braveheart or Gladiator? Duh?  
Also notably missing -- any mention of Porn. 'Nuff said.