Zack Huang is a happy man, a family man, and by all accounts, an intelligent man. For this, we should all respect him.  
But Zack is also... a bug-eater. An unabashed, proud, no-apologies bug-eater, and this site offers many, many pictures to prove it.  
Zack is quite the insect connoisseur, in fact, grossing us out with pics of himself and his family chowing down on scorpions, caterpillars, beetles, hornets, and more.  
If you're thinking of adding yummy, protein rich bugs to your diet, or are just curious about which little critters are considered delicacies in certain cultures, then give Zack's site a try. If nothing else, you'll see how gross you're going to look to the rest of us, as we try to keep our meals down. Yuck!