Seeing as how FuzzyDave has already posted The Saucy NewsBabes of FOXTV a couple of months ago, I thought we should hear from another network's newsladies.  
So here's a set of head shots of the lovely and talented MSNBC babes. Check 'em out -- bring 'em up side-by-side, and see who you think has the better news eye candy.  
Frankly, I don't watch either station very often. But I'll tell you this -- MSNBC's Michelle Kosinski and Sophie Conover would so kick FoxNews' Laurie Dhue's and Heather Nauert's asses in a tag-team wrestling match. Or a pillow fight. Or a lingerie fashion show.  
Now that's news I'd pay to watch.
My MSNBC SnuggleBunnies
FuzzyDave: I am so in Lurve with Campbell Brown and former TechTv babe Sumi Das.
owl: id give em even odds. odds are they would go out with me, well, thats different.