Some Chinese infomercial looking clip showing how you can cut your folding time in half!  
Yes, it sounds dumb and you're probably right but its still strangely interesting and possibly time saving none the less.  
**Links directly to a .wmv**
danielscissorhands: That's cool. Thanks.
Wow! Who says Communism hasn't produced anything good?
SpearmintFur: Really, now I know the secrets of Chinese sweatshop workers! Awesome! I can increase producitvity by eighty-something percent! Really though, that's awesome. You're getting a 10!
Time Saving Shirt Folding Technique!
tobs: After little practice my wife is now an expert. She is good at folding shirts too. I will also give it a 10
You like it, you really like it!
Escher0: Wow, I didn't expect everyone to like this that much. I was half expecting this to rate pretty low. I guess it is more useful then most other things posted around here.
10 from me too...
jones: great link. i just practiced...and it works great!
marcus: Coincedently, I'm teaching a 11 year old how to fold clothes right now.  
Boy, is his mommy going to be surprised.  
Gave it a 9 just because it wasn't in english.  
Now if it just showed how to fold fitted corner sheets ;)
Link is dead
timbley: Any mirrors?
Escher0: it still works for me, try again
I'll be damned
stbalbach: In 36 years I have never been able to fold a shirt the same way twice, but after viewing this I can fold one just like brand new from the store, in mere seconds, consitantly. Thank you, this will bring new order.
owl: agog. i never have figured out a good way to fold a shirt. cheers!