A collection of, well, original afghan war rugs. Woven pieces themed of and about War. Includes both domestic and international pieces for sale, collection, and show.  
Hmmmmmmm... neat?
madtbone: i didnt find the perfect throw rug. do they have a terrahist aint welcome rug?
affiliate19: they do, they do! they also have several infuhdelz aint welcome rugs, and quite a few nondescript rugs that do not press one way or the other. some simply show bits and pieces of the history by centering on individual items. i found one with has a T-54 bearing a Sagger ATG missile attached to its cannon that i liked quite a bit. shortly after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan smaller rugs bearing images of Soviet weaponry began showing up in the world's markets. they came in a range of sizes and were woven by many of the different groups who had traditionally woven rugs in Afghanistan. this practice is ages old in the arabic cultures (and others, certainly!) and has continued even into recent events with the US. there are quite a few more rugs than the WTC ones shown on the front page. i hope those don't skew anyone's like or dislike of them, or keep them from viwing the rest, because they really are pretty neat.