Spurl: Online Bookmarks
Spurl is a free online bookmark service with a lot of additional benefits...  
With one click Spurl saves the interesting things you find on the web. And it stores not only the link, but the entire page contents for later reviewing.  
Spurl allows you to effectively search through all the pages you've ever "spurled".  
By tapping into the user community, Spurl can recommend pages that you are likely to be interested in and the lists of New and Hot pages give a unique view into what is happening on the Internet.  
An easy to use sidebar gives you access to your spurls from any computer at any time.
Linked to Del.icio.us
parmentf: You can also post to del.icio.us, using spurl.  
So you post to two sites at the same time (using spurl bookmarklet).  
For those who want to use both.