Zero - AI Chatbot
Zero is an artificial intelligent chatbot that is being designed by Computer Hope as a way to help develop a Natural Language Processing and Fuzzy Logic script for helping its users locate answers to their computer questions by parsing large logs of computer help conversations and help that is available from the Internet.

Zero's knowledge is currently comprised of numerous logs of other peoples conversations in IRC and other chat networks, logs and transcripts of other peoples conversations with other bots, and knowledge it has gained by talking with other users.

I've been playing with this for the last two hours or so. :) It's a learning AI chatbot. You can connect to it via IRC if you have it, or there's a web-based interface too (which is what I was using). Use your Linkfilter username if you go in, so we know who we all are.

also, this one isn't a contender for the Filterbot, as source isn't being released as of yet. I just thought it was too cool not to post. Don't forget to ask it "Do you know what linkfilter is?" ;)

Similar to Jabberwacky
parmentf: This bot is funny, and similar to Jabberwacky: it is a learning bot.  
On the contrary to ECTOR, Zero uses plain previous sentences, like Jabberwacky.  
That's why ECTOR seems so... strange: it build its phrases from what he knows of their structure.