Upgrade to the newest version of Windows Update.  
In addition to an updated look, this will allow you the option of installing beta and release candidate versions of MS software.  
this will let you install RC2 of XP SP2, if you want it.
deathburger: I've got Firefox with the User Agent Switcher installed, and that's not enough to get WU to work. Anyone know if it's even possible?
deathburger: oh yeah, IE does not exist on any machine I have to take care of. If someone demands it be on, then I refuse to work on their machine, paid or not.
glitch p-udding: ummm....ok.  
you won't support the most widely used app on the planet?  
clu: I actually tried to access a Commodore 64 site about 3 years ago. It wouldn't allow IE users to access its site in protest of IE. Fine with me, just went to a different C64 site. That dude sure changed the world.
deathburger: No, it's far more trouble than it's worth. The fact that it comes on most PC computers doesn't make it any easier. I won't support it when there are better, more secure, more thoughtfully designed alternatives out there, most of which won't open up 100 security holes that let someone run arbitrary code.
parmentf: You should add that IE is moreover updateless.  
This is not an up-to-date browser (according to the W3C standards).  
Designing a website such that they are well-rendered by any browser is a huge work.  
Designing a website such that it respects the standards is more straight-forward.