They're finally here...official, limited-edition, linkfilter shirts and mugs...something for everyone.  
More merchandise will be added in coming days--keep watching.  
All items have been marked up $1. All six dollars we expect to make will be reinvested into linkfilter.
FuzzyDave: ordered 6 shirts.  
howzabout a LF Stein or Coffee SippyCup?
FuzzyDave: Especially a SippyCup with HetPup. I'd buy 3.
cornpone: yay!! they take discover. i want a tank top. i guess i will risk it. if it looks too much like a womans shirt i will give it to feats.
cornpone: w00t!!! just ordered two with money i don't have.
affiliate19: lend meh five dolla'.
This household...
clu: sure to order at least two.
lagbnaft: The username on the back option I think.
LinusMines: Any other designs planned?
jones: i think glitch will take requests...just request an item you'd like to see as a piece of linkfilter love...and he'll make it happen, is my guess.
jones: your hatepup logo finished? that would be great for a coffee travel mug...also...there's a dog shirt that is just waiting to be made there.
deathburger: This (or rather a version made specifically for it) on a mug and/or shirt?
don't forget to buy your linkfilter shit!!
jones: click here:  
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FuzzyDave: still waiting for the HatePup sippycups.
has anyone
jones: received the merchandise?  
how does it look?
cornpone: hoping to get mine today.
FuzzyDave: Got shirts last week. they look faboo.
Got our shirts
clu: Just got our shirts in the mail. They turned out nice.
glitch p-udding: hatepup mugs are now available.  
btw, saw the linkfilter tshirt up close this weekend. looks nice. maybe i'll get one.