The Christian Brothers have revealed that they have uncovered files in the Vatican relating to the abuse of schoolboys in Irish institutions.  
The files include written accounts about thirty findings of child sex abuse at six schools between the 1930s and 1960s.  
short story in print but search the web further if you wish more detail. is basic enough for myself.
angel21: Why does this sound like old news.  
Because deep down we already knew that they knew all along and did nothing to help? (the Vatican that is)
they do plenty to help...
jinx: ...the priests. they move them around to different dioceses as often is prudent to keep them out of criminal charges.
DaKenner: I used to cut the grass at a Church living quarters where priests and nuns had separate housing and were not allowed into each others' dorms . There was a well beaten dirt path between the two. They should stick to porking their own and leave the kids out of it.