IE7 invokes a DHTML behavior to load and parse all style sheets into a form that Explorer can understand. You can then use most CSS2 selectors without having to resort to CSS hacks.  
The behavior is lightweight and is automatically loaded via a CSS inclusion. No alteration of your original document is necessary. Nor do you have to alter your CSS.
A very clever solution to a very irritating problem. Especially with all the IE rendering bugs.  
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Good Work
lola_ice: thanks for the post (and your comment to my post about the sea creatures) as well as the extra links....anything useful re CSS is worth a ten and a comment also..  
deathburger: DHTML is awful crap, and the web would be better off without it.
Matt Oneiros: I think this is a good use for it (if the only application of CSS that people ever used was those custom IE toolbars... the same could be said for CSS). If you'd be so kind to actually read the documentation on the site, you'd find that this fix not only is a fix for IE but only is processed or applied BY IE. It uses a twisted microsoft invention (probably for these situations where they count on users to fix their problems) called "conditional comments."  
So this is hardly an evil application of DHTML, besides, if the internet would be better off without DHTML the same could easily be said for Internet Explorer.
deathburger: dude.. DHTML IS a twisted Microsoft invention. Only IE supports it. And yes, thw worls would be much better off without IE spreading worms and virii.

And by the way, you do realize that every time you view a page here at linkfilter, that you're "using css", right? Guess you'll have to go find a site that's not using it.. good luck with that.

deathburger: For the record, the uses of DHTML have progressed well beyond those idiot snowfall effects, so my feelings on the subject have changed.  
Oh, and BUMP! for those stuck using such a total garbage browser.