Posted by i7dealer in fun & games 14 years ago
Hikarunix ["hee-kah-roo-nix"] is a Live Linux CD. Any machine that can boot to CD can boot to Hikarunix instead of the computer's regular operating system. Since it boots entirely in RAM and only borrows the peripherals, Hikarunix doesn't touch the host machine at all. Shut the machine down, pop the CD out, reboot and you'll find yourself back with the same old OS that you started with. No installation or partitioning necessary. The fact that it fits on a pocket sized miniCD and can boot on just about any machine makes it extremely portable. Internet cafes, Library computers, a borrowed laptop can all be your personal, temporary Go workstation. If you wish you can also install it to your harddrive.
a go distribution?
potatono: that's way cool. i bookmarked it.  
bear: very interesting, but how can you customize it?