keeping women in their place by removing the clitoris and labia?  
a somewhat indepth description of the whys and hows ( hopefully not how-to(s) ) of the brutal practise of female genital mutilation practised mostly in Africa where it is culturally accepted. ( accpted as absurd yet necessary no doubt by the women).  
Amnesty international's been on the case.  
link tells of the procedures ,  
the physical and psychologivcal effects it has on women whom are literally dying over it.  
"Control of women's sexuality and reproductive functions  
In many societies, an important reason given for FGM is the belief that it reduces a woman's desire for sex, therefore reducing the chance of sex outside marriage. The ability of unmutilated women to be faithful through their own choice is doubted. In many FGM-practising societies, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a woman to marry if she has not undergone mutilation. In the case of infibulation, a woman is "sewn up" and "opened" only for her husband. Societies that practise infibulation are strongly patriarchal. Preventing women from indulging in "illegitimate" sex, and protecting them from unwilling sexual relations, are vital because the honour of the whole family is seen to be dependent on it. Infibulation does not, however, provide a guarantee against "illegitimate" sex, as a woman can be "opened" and "closed" again. "  
regards given to a link by kid-ney which touched upon the matter but not at all in the same way this link does:"REVERSING FEMALE CIRCUMCISION "  
Link #20613 put up in 2003.  
Brickwall: Female Genital Mutilation. all the ins & outs  
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